Featured Project: The City of Lowell, Massachusetts

Electricity and Natural Gas Procurement, Project Management for Virtual Solar Net Metering Contract

The fourth largest city in Massachusetts, with a population of over 100,000 people, maintains a portfolio of over 200 electric utility and 40 natural gas utility accounts for city buildings, school, and street and traffic lights.  The city’s average annual utility expense exceeds $7.5 million. In 2011, Lowell hired GridSmart to design and implement a comprehensive energy procurement strategy that resulted in the execution of two 3-year supply contracts, for electricity and natural gas, which are projected to save the city over $1.8 million over the life of the contracts.

GridSmart also provided project management consulting services pursuant to the city’s Solar Virtual Net Metering project.  GridSmart assisted with the creation and issuance of a Request for Proposals to solar developers within the load zone to assign the renewable energy production credits to the city’s load.  GridSmart assisted with the review of proposals for feasibility, financial security, project readiness, pricing, and other factors to select the best partner for the city.