Why GridSmart

Deregulation is great, but complicated.
The deregulation of retail energy markets, that occurred over 10 years ago, left those responsible for facilities/cost controlling with new and complicated utility cost management challenges. Unfortunately, while you now have choices, you have to make purchasing decisions in an ever-changing marketplace with little or no real training or experience. GridSmart has the experience and insight you need, with no out of pocket expenses.

Our competitors favor a one-size-fits-all approach …We DON’T!
At GridSmart Energy, we choose our clients carefully. We have earned that right due to the results we have delivered to our existing clients. Our history speaks for itself, having saved our customers millions of dollars since 2008, with nearly all retaining our services year over year.

GridSmart remains involved after contract execution.
Many consultants/brokers walk away after contracts have been executed, only to re-appear years later when it is time to renew. GridSmart remains engaged with our customers by providing regular data reports on consumption, cost, and contract performance, as well as market updates and other information. GridSmart is as involved in our customers’ energy management protocol as they would like – we are always happy to help.

GridSmart Energy has a proven track record.
We have been helping clients save money and energy since 2008. We deliver fantastic results and bring a unique perspective to complex projects.

We’re available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
We know you have 24/7 power needs, so even if it is 2 AM on a Saturday and the power is cut off, we’re here to help.